Services Australia

Many of us have times when, for reasons beyond our control, we run out of money and are unable to buy essential items for survival. Our service has relief funds to meet these needs. If you have struck a bad patch and are unable to buy food or meet a financial obligation, come and talk to us. We may be able to help.
As part of it’s commitment to rural Australia, Services Australia funds a ten hour a week service for an Agency in Clermont through Clermont Community Housing. ¬†At this agency you can:
  • Use the computer to log onto myGov
  • Use the telephone to speak to Centrelink.
  • Have your proof of identity documents certified.
  • Use the fax or photocopier to lodge forms.
  • Use the computer for Centrelink and Medicare information, self-service and other purposes like searching for a job.

Information, Referral and Advocacy

Our workers can provide and assist you with referrals and advocacy to other services that you and your family members may need to access. For example domestic violence, family support, legal aid, alcohol and drug services, mental health and counselling.

Our visiting services include:

  • Family Support
  • Financial Services
  • Legal Aid
  • Alcohol & Drug Services
  • Mental Health
  • Domestic Violence
  • Employment Services
  • Rent Connect